Question: Who is the cutest couple in Winx Club?

Who is the cutest Winx?

Top 10 Prettiest Winx Club Characters Flora. Flora is sweetest human being ever! Bloom. Musa. Aisha. Stella. Daphne. Tecna. Roxy.More items

Who was dating who in Winx Club?

Stella and Brandon are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club. Starting as friends with a mutual romantic interest in the other, both characters were introduced in Season 1 when Stella introduced him to her new friend, Bloom, shortly after he and the other Specialists helped them fight a Hunting Troll.

Who is the most powerful girl in Winx Club?

Bloom Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. Her title comes from the source of her powers: a flame from the Great Dragon, a deity that created the Magic Dimension. She is the most powerful fairy and the leader of the Winx Club.

Who is the youngest in Winx?

Roxy Stella is the oldest in the group while Roxy is the youngest. Bloom, Aisha, and Tecna are the only Winx members with named power sources—the Dragon Flame, Morphix, and Technomagic respectively .Trivia.The WinxBloom • Stella • Flora • Musa • Tecna • Aisha • RoxyPaladinsThoren • Nex17 more rows

Who is Tecnas best friend?

She also has a strong bond with Musa. They are best friends and they are roommates at Alfea. Tecna also really likes Timmy, a Specialist, but for a while, didnt know how to express her feelings to him because she is shy around him. Timmy is very shy around Tecna.

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