Question: What happens if you get reported on Hinge?

Reporting is an anonymous and permanent action. You will not see their profile again, nor will they see yours. When you report a profile from Matches, you will immediately disappear from that members view and they will not be able to view or retrieve the conversation or match.

Does Hinge shadow ban you?

Shadow-Banned from Hinge Its a term that suggests a profile is not being shown as often or at all or communication is not being sent to others on the platform. The thought around this is that they were reported and although not banned from the site, can still use it but not like before.

How do you get banned on Hinge?

Deleting and trying to restart your account too many times may result in a permanent ban. Hinge takes multiple accounts seriously because new users get serious advantages. A new Hinge user will receive more likes, comments, and matches early on in order to hook them into using the app.

What happens when you get banned on Hinge?

If youve been banned from Hinge, this means weve detected activity associated with your account that violated our Terms of Service. We take violations of our policies very seriously. Can you tell me specifically why I was banned? This policy is in place to protect the identities of those who reported the account.

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