Question: Is there a Craigslist in New York City?

craigslist: new york city jobs, apartments, for sale, services, community, and events.

How do I post on craigslist New York?

Type the URL into your browser.Click on the link, create a posting, that is located on the upper left hand side of the screen.Choose the location that best fits your posting.Click on the type of post you want to place.More items •13 Apr 2021

How do I search craigslist nationwide?

To do this, go to Settings > Search Settings. From there, you can scroll down to Select Region. Choose a different country and click Save. This will allow you to conduct nationwide Craiglist searches for a different country.

How do I find an old Craigslist ad?

View Past Craigslist Search Results To use Internet Archive, enter “” (without quotes) in the Search box, then select a past date from the calendar. You may have to try a few different dates until you find an archived Craigslist page that meets your criteria.

Can you cross post on Craigslist?

Cross-posting a general ad in multiple cities is considered spam and goes against Craigslists terms of use, but it may be considered legitimate if you live near two cities and your ad is appropriate for both communities. If you try to post two similar ads at the same time, youll get a blocked message.

How many ads can I post on Craigslist per day?

Permitted Posts Craigslist permits you to post one ad in one category and in one city every 48 hours.

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