Question: How do I unsubscribe from emails from Zoosk?

How do you unsubscribe from Zoosk?

Cancelling your subscription from your smartphone.Open your mobile browser, go to and log in to your Zoosk account.Tap on the 3 lines in the top left corner.Tap the gear icon close to your nickname.Tap Subscription.At the bottom of the screen tap Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions.

How do you delete messages from Zoosk?

- From a laptop or computer log in to Click on Carousel on the left hand side.- Click on Matches- Click on the the three dots . on the bottom right of the photo.- Click on Remove, then click Yes to confirm.

Does Zoosk send spam emails?

The problem is that Zoosk is well known for relying on sending spam to its users. Lots and lots of spam emails for your Gmail inbox “enjoyment”. To make matters worse, you could end up getting an invitation to see someones photos that they shared. But the only way to see them is to sign up.

Does zoosk send fake views?

They arent really viewing your profile Zoosk populates your Views with people to make you think you are popular, so you will frequent the site. Zoosk is deceptive and playing games with your emotions!

How do you hide a Zoosk profile?

From the iOS app and Android apOpen the Zoosk app.Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.Tap the gear icon to go to your Settings.Tap on on Account.Tap on the pencil icon close to Account Status..Tap Pause Account and follow the instructions to pause your account.

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