Question: Which country is best for hookup?

What country has the best hookup culture?

The 10 Best Countries for Dating, Ranked by PerceptionCountryDating RankBest Countries Overall RankItaly115Brazil229Spain319New Zealand4136 more rows

Which countries hook up the most?

Additionally, British people have the largest number of sexual partners among western industrial nations .Most Promiscuous Countries 2021.RankCountry2021 Population1China1,444,216,1072India1,393,409,0383United States332,915,0734Indonesia276,361,783150 more rows

Where is the best place for hookups?

Best Hookup Sites and Apps for Casual Sex 1. AshleyMadison: Best overall hookup siteTinder: Best for one night stands. Reddit: Best for kinks and fetishes. Doublelist: Best for finding hookups in your city. Grindr: Best for gay men. Blendr: Best for international dating. Feeld: Best for alternative relationships.More items •16 Dec 2020

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