Question: How do you break in a Peterson system pipe?

Do you need to break in a tobacco pipe?

Instructions for Breaking in Your Wood Pipe. You must break in your new pipe slowly, this will get the wood “accustomed” to expanding and contracting. Remember: if you smoke too much too fast, you could compromise the integrity of your pipe and cause the wood to split!

How do you break in a new meerschaum pipe?

There is no need to break in your new pipe. Unlike Briar, the natural mineral quality of Meerschaum needs no caking to enjoy the true taste of your favorite blend. Fill it gradually, remember it only needs to be filled half way. Now your ready to light it so strike a match or flick a lighter and apply the flame.

Can you touch a meerschaum pipe?

Though some suggest not touching the bowl of a meerschaum pipe at all while smoking it, holding it only by the stem, others consider this a little extreme. Just take care that your hands are clean and dry, and all should be fine.

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