Question: What do the numbers on my safety razor mean?

The higher the number, the closer the shave. It changes the angle and depth of the blade. Caution, this is not a beginners razor. The lowest setting on this razor is more aggressive than most other razors.

Why do razors have numbers?

Those numbers are there primarily for the manufacturer and really have no bearing on the shave itself. There have been some legends saying that if you keep track of the numbers you can flip the blade thus getting more shave from the blade. So enjoy your blades and have a great shave! Smooth Shaving!

Why are derby razor blades numbered?

The numbers are part of quality control. In a factory with sharp objects, fingers are occasionally lost and production must stop to clean out the equipment. The numbers 1 to 4 are to remind the works to frequently count fingers.

Why are Astra blades numbered?

The humorous answer, they are the number of shaves you should get from the blade. The serious answer is that this is to provide a reference for the honing and stropping process in case that there is an issue in manufacturing. It allows for a Quality control reference in case they have to investigate an issue.

Can you flip safety razor blade?

Some think this is like stropping a blade. As you shave the blade will nick, when you flip it over this can cause irritation. You can use both the left and right side of the blade with most safety razor handles.

How do you clean a vintage safety razor?

1:277:14DIY How to Clean a Vintage Gillette DE or Schick Safety Razor - YouTubeYouTube

How often should you change blades on safety razor?

Generally speaking, any safety razor that is used almost daily will need to have its blades replaced after a week or after six shaves. That is assuming that its being used with a “three-pass” technique. Razor blades lose their sharpness after an extended period of usage.

How do you get the hair out of a safety razor?

To clean your razor, simply rinse it under running water. You dont need to use detergents or harsh soaps. If there is clogged hair debris on your blades, immerse your razor blades in warm water to soften the blockage, shaking the cartridge gently until all hair is removed.

When did men stop using safety razors?

Theyve got flair and history, but its time to say goodbye to a dinosaur in the bathroom. Now mostly found at retro barbers, the straight razor was the most commonly used option by men until the 1950s when it was largely replaced by the safety razor.

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