Question: Why are Brooks saddles so good?

Theres a very good reason for this: the stretched leather acts as a hammock and gives your backside a flexible platform to rest on. Unlike other bike saddles, this means that the leather of Brooks saddles move with the bike, cushioning the blow from any bumps or rough surfaces you might meet.

Are Brooks saddles made in England?

Brooks saddle, made in England. Brooks England was founded in 1866 and has been producing bicycle saddles from its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands, since 1882.

Is Brooks Proofide necessary?

there is only ONE that is recommended by the makers of the saddles. That is, to apply a coating of Proofide to the top and bottom of the saddle when new, and then ride it. Other coats can be applied during the break-in period if required, but only to the top of the leather. Brooks DO NOT recommend any other way.

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