Question: Is Muslim matrimony free?

Registration is free. Sign-up now online on Muslim Community matrimony and get close to your life partner!

How do I delete my nikah forever account?

How do I delete my profile on Nikah forever? ➡ Simply go to the main menu and select Help>>Account Close. We will then process your request and inform you accordingly about it.

What to write in matrimonial about me?

ABOUT ME IN MATRIMONY FOR BOY/ GROOMI Am A Punjabi, Engineer And Family Oriented Boy. I am 61 tall North Indian, Punjabi Boy. I Am A Businessman Who Loves To Travel And Fitness Freak. I am 32 years of age Boy who belongs to a business family. I Am Open Minded, Calm And Cool, Well Educated Boy.Sep 8, 2017

How can I introduce myself in marriage?

Sample 1:1I come from a middle-class family. 2I belong to a well-mannered middle-class family and strongly believe in Hindu culture, rituals & holds an open-minded personality. 3Id describe myself as someone whos reliable, trendy, smart and someone who always has a smile on the face.More items •20 Feb 2021

How do I write an impressive matrimonial profile?

How to write an Impressive Matrimonial ProfileBe honest and truthful in disclosing all the details about yourself in the profile. Do mention your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes as it helps to know the reader whether his/her personality matches with yours.More items •7 Dec 2018

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