Question: What was Cameron Boyce last words?

Before Disney star Cameron Boyces untimely passing, he imparted words of wisdom in his final interview: Dont judge a book by its cover. The actor died at the age of 20 after suffering an epileptic seizure in his sleep earlier in July.

What was Cameron Boyce last appearance?

In July 2019, Cameron tragically died in his sleep at age 20 after he had a seizure due to an ongoing medical condition. The Disney Channel star will make his last onscreen appearance as Simon in the show Paradise City, premiering on Amazon Prime Video on March 25.

What was Cameron Boyce last movie before he died?

The Descendants actors final role was in the teenage thriller Runt, which will hit theaters on October 1. Cameron Boyces final film Runts trailer was finally released on Wednesday September 1. Its the actors last performance before he tragically died in July 2019 from epilepsy at 20-years-old.

Is Cameron Boyce alive Tiktok?

Disney Channel Star Cameron Boyce Has Died At 20 x.

How did Cameron Boyce died?

Cameron Boyces parents on his sudden death: It was just a nightmare The Disney Channel star died in July after suffering a seizure in his sleep because of epilepsy. Boyce was just 20 years old when he died July 6 after suffering a seizure in his sleep caused by epilepsy.

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