Question: What is Durban like in South Africa?

Weather - Durban has a subtropical climate, characterized by hot and humid summers and pleasantly warm and dry winters, which are snow- and frost-free. Airports - King Shaka International Airport is the primary airport serving Durban, South Africa.

What is it like living in Durban South Africa?

Durban is a sunny seaside city, rich in diversity and warm not only because of its favorable climate, but especially for its welcoming people. Living in Durban guarantees top quality service and a wide range of opportunities all year round.

Is Durban a nice place to live?

Mercers annual Quality of Living survey shows that Durban is still the best city in South Africa when it comes to quality of life .Here are the top and bottom 10 cities, along with South Africas 3 cities:#CityCountry85DurbanSouth Africa92Cape TownSouth Africa95JohannesburgSouth Africa23 more rows•Mar 14, 2017

Is Durban South Africa worth visiting?

Durban has won the city with the best quality of living in South Africa for three years running. The annual international survey by Mercer ranks cities in the world based on quality of living. Durban came ahead of Johannesburg and Cape Town and was placed second after Port Louis, Mauritius as the best city in Africa.

Is Durban the best city in South Africa?

Durban has for a third consecutive year, been ranked the top South African City with the highest quality of life in the international Mercers 19th Quality of Living survey. The annual survey ranked Durban the best City in South Africa, placing it 87th in the world.

What is the nicest city in South Africa?

While Cape Town is usually at the top of the list for expats relocating to South Africa, human resources consulting firm Mercer rated Durban as the South African city with the best quality of life. Mercer included three cities in South Africa in its list of the worlds 450 best cities.

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