Question: What causes a sexless relationship?

Some couples may have sexless marriages because they have different work schedules or busy lives. Sexless marriages can be caused by post-pregnancy issues and hormonal imbalances, or by illness of one or both partners that affects physical or psychological sexuality (e.g., clinical depression of one or both partners).

What happens in a sexless relationship?

According to Dr. Dana McNeil, licensed marriage and family therapist, a sexless relationship is a situation in which the lack of sex is a problem for at least one partner. It may cause emotional distress, insecurity, or an overall dissatisfaction with the relationship as a whole.

What do you do when your partner doesnt want to be intimate?

What to do if your partner doesnt want to have sexWhat if we used to have sex, but now we dont? Talking to them. Discuss whats going on in their life. Respect their boundaries. Try to come up with some alternatives. Make time to be intimate in other ways. Let them know youre there for them. Speak to a professional.

How can I help my partner with intimacy issues?

5 Ways to Deal with an Intimacy-Phobic PersonBe patient with their disappearing act but dont try the same tactic in return. Dont let them hide behind questions. Encourage them to be imperfect. Look beyond their strong opinions. Teach them that nothing is certain, but things are worth it anyway.Mar 11, 2014

Why would a man not want intimacy?

When men feel uncertain about their role in the world, their desire for sex can dwindle. Depression may be linked to this, but isnt always. He may feel criticized or treated unfairly. It may just seem like too much “work.” He may have sexual interests that he knows or fears his partner may not share.

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