Question: How do you identify a tintype?

A tintype is an image created on a thin sheet of metal. If you dont know whether you have a tintype, heres a trick: A magnet will be attracted to a tintype. As you can see on the edges of this photo, the emulsion (image layer) has a tendency to flake off.

Are tintypes worth anything?

Collectors typically will pay between $35 to $350 for a good quality antique tintype in good condition. Tintypes are more common photographs of the Victorian era and thus, they are not as valuable as ambrotypes or daguerreotypes which are more rare.

What is a union case daguerreotype?

A: You have a Union Case used to display a daguerreotype plate. The process was created by heating the combination or the union of several materials that included fibrous material, wood fiber, gum shellac and color dye, thus the name “Union Case.” Daguerreotypes were fragile and were easily scratched and damaged.

What is a sixth plate tintype?

The sixth-plate (or bon-ton) is the most common, measuring about 2½ × 3½. A quarter-plate is roughly 3¼ × 4¼. Gem tintypes are 1½ × 1½ or smaller. Additional sizes include the ninth-plate (2 × 2½), half-plate (4½ × 5½), and whole-plate (6½ × 8½).

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